Welcome to my home page! I’m a Professor of Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at McGill University.

I specialize in German Idealism, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, Phenomenology (Husserl and Merleau-Ponty) and Philosophy of Religion.

A current CV can be found here, and a selection of papers here

For my recent work and thoughts:

  • A new translation of Hegel’s “Greater Logic,” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: The Science of Logic, edited with  notes and introductory study,  can be found on Cambridge’s website
  • A preview of my edited volume on Reinhold, Karl Leonhard Reinhold and the Enlightenment (Springer Verlag: Studies in German Idealism), can be found on Springer Verlag’s website
  • A preview of the recent paperback edition of my volume on Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi, can be found on  McGill-Queen’s website
  • My latest book, Freedom and Religion in Kant and His Immediate Successors: The Vocation of Humankind, 1774-1800 (Cambridge, 2005), can be found on Cambridge’s website